Natale 2017: auguri da Abcam

A seasonal message from Alan Hirzel, Abcam CEO









As 2017 comes to a close, I write to thank you and the global research community for the work you have progressed this year. Nothing is more important to us than helping life science researchers achieve their scientific or life-changing clinical missions, faster.

Every year we aspire to do our part in giving scientists the best available research tools and support. This past year we have worked to bring you:

  • Confidence in antibody specificity: We have now increased the number of knockout-validated primary antibodies to over 1,000 and are expanding the KO validation to flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry applications.
  • Confidence in antibody reproducibility: Abcam has reached over 10,000 different recombinant antibodies for unrivaled reproducibility.
  • Rapid antibody development for challenging targets: We’re making it easier and faster to create antibodies against difficult-to-target proteins with the aid of phage display and next-generation sequencing technologies.
  • Immunoassays with the best antibodies available: Abcam’s leadership in antibodies enables us to make great immunoassays. We now offer over 550 rapid (90 minute) SimpleStep ELISA® kits and have launched FirePlex® multiplex miRNA and protein assays for inflammation, oncology, neuroinflammation, and toxicology.

We were honored to be recognized as Antibody company of the year and for implementing the Most exciting antibody validation initiative by CiteAb in 2017. It is the perseverance of scientists, their support, and feedback that continues to drive and shape why and how we help scientists globally. Thank you for trusting us, engaging with us, and giving us the chance to help accelerate your research.

On behalf of everyone at Abcam, we wish you many breakthroughs in 2018!

Happy holidays,
CEO, Abcam